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Lilly-Mae Luker FoEng

Lilly-Mae luker


HOBBIES: I love arts and crafts , dancing and gymnastics

ABOUT ME: I love having fun and making people smile and being happy, I like helping people and helping animals. I love school learning new things and getting to see my friends every day, I also like to cart wheel everywhere.

Brook Bushell MFofIOW a

Brooke Bushell


HOBBIES: I like dancing and enjoy my ballet lessons and showing my little sister what to do. I attend my local rainbows club and learn about different things each week, raising money for charity. Also singing Disney songs even though mummy and daddy say I sing too much.

ABOUT ME: I am cheeky 6 year old, I am into everything princess and Disney and love having duvet day with my mummy and baby sister Bella.

I love to help my mummy and daddy by tidying up my room and toys, plus helping with my baby sister who makes a lot of mess. I might be small but I have a big heart I’m always helping others and looking after my friends.

I live in Newport, on the beautiful Isle of Wight, you should see some the fun places I go to during my summer holidays. My favorite is Blackgang Chine which is a small theme park with some rides and I love going on the dinosaurs there. I also love going to the beach and making castles and having forest walks and finding bugs.

I was lucky enough to have Elsa come to my house, I know she’s not the real one, as she’s far too busy seeing all the boys and girls in Disneyland.

Scarlet ruby atkin


HOBBIES: Horse riding, swimming

ABOUT ME: I’m a very polite energetic little girl that loves doing pageants. I always try my hardest and my best iv e 3 disability adhd autistic and learning difficulties. The reason why I love pageants is that people dont recognise my disability they put it down to my pageant nervous. I’m so close to my sister Olivia where like best friend even though she younger then me she looks out for me.

Scarlet MFoHull
Sofia Day MPofIOW a

sophia day


HOBBIES: Horseriding, ballet. Streetdancing, drawing, playing dress up and singing

ABOUT ME: My names Sophia and I am 4 years old, I start big school this year which I am very excited about. I have a big brother called Reece, a hamster called Bella and 2 dogs called Teddy and Taffy.
I love all animals and would live on a farm if I could or maybe a zoo.
I am very independent and like to do everything myself, I am also very thoughtful and love looking after and helping people.

Charlie Reeves MFoLanc

charlie reeves


HOBBIES: I enjoy attending Charity pageants and fashion shows in her spare time. I have competed in many and also have helped out with crowning and fundraising at the events. I also enjoy morris dancing and attend practise during the week and dances at the weekends.

ABOUT ME: I am a very bright, confident little girl who always joins in and gives 100% to everything I get involved in. I always thinks of others even for such a young age I always helps out with the young children at any event I attend. I have a personality beyond my years and continue to surprise my parents every day.

Yasmine MFoWEng



HOBBIES: Singing and dancing with friends and riding my bike.

ABOUT ME: I am a bubbly little 8 year old and my name is Yasmine. I have a baby sister called Aaliyah who makes me laugh when she dances funny. I was once an actress in a music video which was all over the internet. I then received an award from a charity in my city because I raised so much money for charity since I was a baby. My favourite place to go in the whole world is Cuba, because its hot and sunny and it’s a good place to meet new friends.



HOBBIES: Singing and dancing. I also enjoy arts and crafts and reading.

ABOUT ME: My name is Keira Waller i am 8 years old and i live in Ashford Kent. I currently attend Beaver Green Primary School and i am in year 4. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I am currently enjoying street dance at a local dance studio and have been meeting industry professionals and doing workshops with them this i really enjoy as i aspire to be just like them.

Keira Waller MFoK



HOBBIES: I love baking with my mummy and having tea party's with my friends and swimming it's great fun.

ABOUT ME: I'm really outgoing and kind I love making new friends and doing anything fun. I love everything Disney princess as one day I hope to be just like Cinderella. I love animals and learning about all the different types.

leah-rose cunningham


HOBBIES - My hobbies include Swimming, Dancing, fundraising and attending charity events.

ABOUT ME - My name is Leah-Rose, and I am 6 years old and from North wales. I have 1 brother and 1 sister. When I am older I would like to be a music teacher.

I enjoy fundraising and I have raised over £15,000 in the last 3 years for different charity's. I enjoy helping out at many charity events and raising money.

I have recently been nominated at the Natural Sparkle pageant awards for charity fundraiser of the year where I come 2nd against girls across the world.


tiana waller


HOBBIES: I love to dance, sing and dress up as my favourite character rapunzel.

ABOUT ME: my name is Tiana waller, I am 4 years old and I live in ashford Kent. I started big school in September, I go to beaver green primary school which is not far from my house and I am in penguin class. I have made lots of friends at school and I love to draw and read. I also love to do dance routines with my sister Keira.
My mum says I am a very chatty 4 year old. I also love to dance to my favourite song can't stop the feeling by Justin timerblake which is also in my favourite film "trolls", my favourite character in trolls is poppy.

Tiana M Fof S Eng

faith endean

Minnie nw england princess

amelia higginson


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