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Before you enter any pageant here in the UK or abroad you MUST read the Terms and condition in full as by entering the contest it will be assumed by the oganisers that you have willing entered having read and understood the conditions of the contest. We would suggest that you pay particular attenion to the rules of entry, cancellation policies re the 14 day & 12 week cut off points, Travel Insurance requrements and the conditions regarding the Charity element and the deductions that are made - make sure you are happy with everything BEFORE you enter a heat or the Grand Final.

AFFILIATIONS: We are the orginal Charity Pageant in Disney and we are NOT affliated to any Pageant copying our format, Yes we were the first ever Bauty Pageant held in Disneyland Paris. We are not affliated to the Disneyland corporation in anyway whatsoever, the competition is hosted and organised by the Face of Europe & the World.
AGE GROUP MINNIE 4 to 8 JUNIOR 9 to 13 Teen 14 to 18 Senior 19 to 39 the AGE YOU ARE ON THE DAY of the Grand Final in Disneyland Paris will DETERMINE YOUR AGE GROUP AT YOUR HEAT, you may be 13 at your heat but will turn 14 by the final therefore you would enter the TEEN category
ie: if you are 18 at your heat but you are 19 you would be a SENIOR not a TEEN
APPLY How do I enter the competition a) Go to the "APPLY NOW" Tab o our website and complete form b) or e-mail us direct on the Age specific e-mail address listed above in "AGE GROUP" c) or e-mail us via the CONTACT TAB
BANK ACCOUNT: BARCLAYS BANK Sort Code 20-02-62 Acct 63263452 every Payment MUST have your Name as the Payment reference Charity Account same bank different account 03031225
BULLYING OR INSULTING Any behviour that is deemed to be unacceptable ie: Bullying, Fighting,Theft,Racism, Sexism, Slader or any insulting comments whether it is Personal, Political or Religious will not be tolerated in any form and will therefore be dealt with very severley, This will result in the offending parties being with drawn from the competition and withdrawn from our organised party, which means that you would not be travellingwith us. Any expenses incurred outside of the organised trip would now be the responsibility of the ejected person(s) no refund or compensaton will be due or given.
CHARITY MONIES: Are paid into a designated Charity Account in advance of your heat, The Account is hosted by BARCLAYS Bank Limited and is separate from our main company account. All Payment must have your Name as the Payment Reference. Please remember that any the charity money you raise for our chosen charities will win you points at your heat and help you towards winning the CHARITY SASH - CHARITY SASH At each live heat their will be a Charity Sash awarded, the winner will a) Have the option to get Sponsorship or be self funding to go into the GRAND FINAL in Disneyland Paris as the Charity winner of their Heat but also they will be entered into a separate compeititon where they will have the chance to win the title of Miss Charity UK and win their trip to the GRAND FINAL there is one winner and this winner can be from any of the 4 age groups.
CHARITY - WHAT CHARITIES DO WE SUPPORT :- Headway East Kent & Headway Folkestone are our founding Charity, which is a charity that support Brian injury rehabilitation <Headway East Kent> EVERY local and International heat have the opportunity tol nominate their OWN LOCAL CHARITY that they will support on the lead up to their selection. It is not until their WINNER advances to the Grand Final do we ask them to turn their efforts into raising monies and more importantly awareness for our founding Charities.- As we DO believe "Charity Starts at home"! Please note like all charity we do make deductions to cover the costs of running the charity account and the charity winners, we also take 25% of the total cost of the Grand Final in Disney ie: Stage & Venue, Accountant, Charity winners awards, Sashes, Crowns, Certificate and Sundries no wages are taken from the charity account
CHARITY EVENTS If you have organised an event or collected money under our banner or title for Headway East Kent or any other charity, ALL those donations MUST BE in accordance with the Charities Commission guidelines be paid over to the designated Charity account FOEW CHARITY ACCOUNT . SHould to step down or decide to leave our Pageant the rules still apply to any monies you have raised these donations must still be paid over to the desinated charity in the requested format. It is illegal to withold, misappropriate or redirect monies anywhere else other than the purpose the donations were given. Should we feel that anyone is not acting in good faith or in accordance to our guidelines that we will report the situation to the charity commision in writing with a copy of our T & C's with any supporting evidence.
DETAILS - What details Do I send in to apply 1) Name, Age & Contact Details 2) Two pictures (The pictures do NOT have to be professional in fact we prefer them if they are not too airburshed! 3) Tell us why you would like to go to Disneyland 4) Tell us a littl bit about yourself - send these details to us either via the age specific e-mail address or fill in the apllication form online just click on <APPLY NOW>
HEATS:- We hold several Heats in the UK, live & photographic, Please go to our HEAT tab on the web site <Heats> for full information, if your area is not listed please contact us direct for your nearest heat or other options for entry. DO HAVE TO COME FROM THAT AREA TO ENTER - NO the heats are open to contestants from all over the UK
HEATS - IS THERE AND ENTRANCE FEE - YES! All entrance fees must be paid in advance either direct into our Barclays Banor via our Pal Pal account (Payments can be made on our website via <OUR SHOP> If you do not pay in advance you will not beneift from the £30 discount (Seniors & Teens) /£20 for (Minnies & Juniors) and will be required to pay the FULL Entrance fee which will range from £100 to £20 (Depending on age group) additional detalls relevant to certain heats are advertised on our Website .when applicable
MAKE UP - Is Make-up allowed yes but only for the Teens & Seniors, No Make-up or beauty enhancements are allowed for the Minnies & Juniors ie: False Nails. Hair, Teeth Flippers or Eyelashes, We are not a "Glitz stylised Pageant" but an age apprioriate Pageant, we do not want our younger contestants trying to be older than they are., we do not encourage anyone under the age of 13 to wear any make-up All outfits must be Age Appropriate No Heels, and not bare midriffs!
PAYMENTS: In advance via our main Barclay account or via Paypal account:
PAY PAL ACCOUNT: Pay pal account is Put your Name as the Payment reference & A brief decription of what you are paying for.
RULES OF ENTRY :- Can I enter If I have posed Nude. NO , neither can you have posed topless or any Implied Nudity. Can I Enter if I have been to Prison - NO You must not have a Criminal Record at all, Can I enter if I am a transexual - Yes, However, if you are still have male appendages you would not be unable to enter and should a separate changing room be required, and should this area not readily be available and special areas incur any additional costs this would be added to your entry fees, as would any special arrangments a female contestant requested. Can I enter if I am Pregant NO, We cannot include contestants that are expecting a baby due to Health Safety reasons & insurace implications. Can I enter if I am married YES, Can I enter if I have Children YES, Married or unmarried mum's are very welcome. Is there a minimum height requirement NO, There is no height, weight or size restriction. all Nationalities and religions are welcome.
RULES OF WINNING:- If you WIN one of our title at the Grand Final: Face of Europ & the World, Face of Ms.International or Face of the UK the title is for a minimum of 12 months or until the next Grand Final. Before entering our competition please note that we do not allow or want our MAIN title winners during their reign, (which lasts minimum of 12 months maimum 18 months) to enter any other Beauty or Charity Pageant, please be aware of this clause before entering our compeition as by entering you have agree to this ruling. One expection to that rule -IF, you have entered another pageant system BEFORE you have applied to enter FOEW providing you have told us prior to entering ie on your application, if we know & still accepted your application then the risk of you winning our title and then also winning another, Is a risk we have willingly taken knowing the facts. However, IF we have NOT been advised and after winning one of our main titles, you then go on to win another you will be asked to step down from FOE&W returning your SASH,CROWN,GOWN and any other prizes and you will not receive the holiday or the return trip to Disney the following year. IF you have already taken advantage of your prize you will be invoiced for the balance of that prize.. Also your deposit for the Disney trip will be NON-REFUNDABLE as stated in the 14 day & 12 weeks rule applies in full,, PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY BEFORE ENTERING THE FOEW SYSTEM
SPONSORSHIP:- DO I HAVE TO HAVE A SPONSOR, NO you do not have to have a sponsor, you can Pay for yourself or fund raise for yourself or get help from family & Friends just getting a sponsor can make it easier for you to afford the trip.
TICKETS:- Buying tickets in advance will always be cheaper as a discount is given, How do I gets tickets to the live heat - You can buy ticket through our website <OUR SHOP> or e-mail us direct through Payment is via Pay Pal or direct through our Barclays account

Additional clauses for the Grand Final in Disneyland Paris to also include all of the above T & C's

CANCELLED DUE TO FORE MAJEURE - Means any event or condition, not exisiting as of the date of this/our Agreement, not reasonably foreseenable as of such date and not reasonably within the control of either party, which prevents in whole or in material part the performance by a party of it's obligattions hereunder (other than the obligation to make any payment of money due or owing) or which renders the performance of such obligations so difficult or costly as to make such performance commercially unreasonable. Without limiting the foregoing, the following will constitute evenyts or conditions of FORCE MAJEURE, Acts of God, acts of civil or military authority, state or government actions, embargoes, epidemics,war,terrorist acts, riots, insurrections, fires, floods, explosions, earthquakes, nuclear accidents, volcanic actions, clouds and or eruptions, power blackouts, prolonged shortage or energy supplies, strikes, lock-out, slowdowns, work to rule, trade disputes or labour disturbance, acts of highways authorities, or any other major enviromental disturbances, unusally severe weather conditions, acts or omissions of a third party/es beyond the control of the parties hereto
CANCELLATION - SEE CUT OFF DATE 12 WEEKS BEFORE WE TRAVEL TO DISNEY all fees are fully recoverable from Client SHOULD YOU CANCEL AFTER THIS POINT - NB: Remember to purchase the correct travel/holliday insurance to cover you for cancellationsy
DEPOSIT NON REFUNDABLE AFTER 14 DAYS - ALL Cancellations must be in writing to FOEW
CANCELLATION: HEAT WINNERS You have 14 days after winning the Disney Trip to decline the trip, this must be put in writing to FOEW, should you decline your position within 14 days there is no charge, however please be fully aware that after the 14 days if you cancel you will be held fully reasonsible and liable to repay foew the full amount of the deposit as advertised . Canceling after the 12 week cut off point , you are then liable and fully reasonsible for the FULL Payment for Finalist and Chaperone and will be invoiced accordingly, fully payment would be due with 30 days of the raised invoiced afterwhich appropreiate action will be taken to retrieve outstanding balance and costs. NB Mandatory to have Travel Insurance
Return of the Sash and Crown so that we may pass on to the runner up is manditory within 14 days of resigning/cancelling or if you wish to keep sash & Tiara as a keep sake, then we will charge for the replacement of Sash & Tiara. If items are not returned within 14 days of cancelling an invoiced will be raised for the replacement costs.
CHARITY- The Charity element at the Grand Final becomes very important. Every finalist is asked to raise funds and awareness for our choosen charities. From every age group the finalist that has raised the most funds in that category will be awarded a Chairity sash and they will win a place in the final line up from which the winners are chosen. From the four charity sash winners an overall winner will be crowned Miss Charity Face of Europe & the World, this winner can be any age and will be awarded to the finalist who has raised the most from the 4 charity sash winners. Please see charity deductions under CHARITY in the above Heat T & C
CLOTHING AT THE GRAND FINAL :- MINNIE & JNR a) Themed Fancy Dress b) Gala Night Party Dress c) Opening Round Dress d) Grand Final Gown
TEEN & SNR a) Themed Fancy Dress b) Gala Night Long Evening Gown c) Opening Round Dress d Ball Gown
COMPETITION DATE WEEK STARTS PLEASE SEE DATES ON WEBSITE HOME PAGE - Please read all Terms & Condition before entering any pageant paying particular attention to any cancellation, charity, travel clauses
COMPETITION HOODIE - Every Finalist to order PURPLE Competition Hoodie through FOE&W
DEPOSIT 30% per person Finalist Minnie £125, Junior £150, Teen £175 Senior £200 all travelling adults £200. Deposit is NON refundable or transfaerable after 14 days , ALL monies are due to be paid in FULL 12 weeks before departure date
DIRECT DEBIT - We can arrange payment to be made monthly by Dirct Debit to help with budgetting
DRESS - OPENING ROUND DESIGN - Each Age groups Opening Round dress will be different, which also mean the cost is different - Every year design will be different
GUESTS - Can my family & friends come to Disney, YES! Please request quote
INSURANCE - It is important and manditory that you take out your own Travel & Medical insurance, please make sure you purchase the correct type of insurance to cover every eventuality including cancellation. If you are unable to travel and have to cancel after the 12 week cut off period (12 weeks before the date of departure) you must claim off your own insuance as you are still responsibile for the FULL cost of the Disney Experience even if you are unable to travel
JUDGES a) ANY attempt to interfere or influence the judges would Result in the finalist being withdrawn from the contest. THIS ALSO INCLUDES APPROACHING THE JUDGES TABLE !!! b) No money or gifts or personal favours maybe given to any of the judges,
JUDGING: There are several categories in which a finalist is judged, these scores are collated and put on a specially designed spreadsheet, which ONLY the Adjudicator has access too. Once the scores are entered into the Spreadsheet they CANNOT be altered, if you try to change the scores the spreadsheet will corrupt and everything will be lost!!, the spreadsheet will record the top 15 only, threfore if your scores did not put you in this group, we are unabe to give you your overall score or feedback. Judes may not be the same judges in Disney as the UK. We do our utmost you make sure a judge does not judge a group where they may know someone on more than a casual basis, Not all Judges judge every age group. YOU MUST NOT APPROACH A JUDGE FOR FEEDBACK ALL FEEDBACK THROUGH FOE&W
LUGGAGE A contestants is limited to ONE ---Repeat ONE 25Kg Suitcase and ONE dress Bag and One Handbag Guests 1 Suitcase & One carry on bag YOU MUST load your Luggage on the coach you are travelling on, foew are NOT reasponsible for loading or offloading your luggage this is your reasponsibility. FOEW are not responsible for lost luggage your luggage is your own reasponsbility and if you lost any personal belongs again this would be your own respinsibility and something that would be dealt with under your own travel insurance
MISSING YOUR COACH - It is your OWN responsibility to make sure that you are at the meeting point in time to catch your coach, The Coach is not such a tight schedule they are UNABLE to wait for people that are late arriving, If you miss your coach you must make your own alternative arrangements the cost of this Face of Europe & the World are NOT responsible for.
PASSPORT : You must have a valid passport that is a minimum of 6 months in date,
PAY PAL ACCOUNT Please always put your name as the payment reference
PAYMENT See deposit 30% Payments can be made direct into our Barclays Bank Via Pay Pal or by Direct Debit
PAYMENT - Final Payment Full Balance must be paid 12 weeks before departure date -
PHOTOGRAPHY - We will engage a photographer/video company to take pictures at our events, However PLEASE NOTE they are not employed by FOEW. We do not set their Price structure and we accept no liability or responsibility for the costing, quality or delivery of their product
PROFILE We build every finalist an on-line profile page - Please send us 5 pictures snd your self introuduction maximum 500 words, IF you have a sponsor please send us a PDF/JPEG logo and website link so that they can be added to your profile page
PROGRAMME - Grand Final please send us in the picture you would like to appear in the official programme at least 20 weeks before event
REHEARSALS - Rehearsals take place in Folkestone- Wear comfortable clothing and your show shoes to pracise walking!
ROOMS All rooms as based on 2 adults sharing, therefore if only one Adult & Only a child/s in a room the eldest child would be charged as an adult, (This is standard hotel policy) therefore if only mum and daughter travel, we will partner you with another Mother & child in a room share. We do not preclude father's from being the main chaperone, but they would not be able to be in a room share , therefore you would have to pay the supplement for a private room which is the difference from the child's to an adult price
SCHEDULE You will receive 2 schedules one is for your week and the other is for the actual show - There will be a notice board in the Lobby near the "Thrones" Please check this every morning & evening - UNFORTUNATELY WITHIOUT NOTICE THINGS CAN CHANGE!!!!
SHOW RUN THROUGH, We have one run through in Disney and this will be in the Morning on SHOW DAY last approximately two hours time will be allocated on your schedule
SPONSOR Do I have to have a sponsor or can I pay for myself ? No you do not have to have a sponsor, you can be self funding, but getting a sponsor for a dress, shoes, or funding is helpful to you. What do my Sponsors get for their help? We have several levels of sponship from putting their Logo & website link on your profile to a Show Sponsorship package where the Companies Logo would appear on every contestants sash
TALENT ROUND - Do I have to do a talent and is part of my score ? NO This is Optional and does not go towards your overal score, this is something that is separate and the winners prize is to perform in Disney and the WINNER will receive a separate award
THERAPIES Why we do not allow unauthorised people to carry out treatments-
We enlist professional persons to style hair, apply make-up, varnish nails, spray tan or whiten teeth etc, because the have adequate public liability insurance (if an occasion arose, the client would claim from the company conducting the work), are fully qualified and declare all income to the relevant authorities.
If a non-qualified person(s) or anyone not engaged by Face of Europe and the World (FOE&W) conducts any kind of the above and the client does not approve of the work, they will most likely complain to FOE&W, which may seem correct to them, however, is in fact totally unfair. The person(s) who have had the unsatisfactory work assume that we have condoned the therapist and may try to hold FOE&W responsible. If this occurred the complaint would be referred to the unauthorised person(s) and they would have to deal with the issue(s).
When people have attempted to carry out treatments before, they have not had the decency to seek permission and this will not be allowed to happen.
FOE&W is not being mean or unreasonable, there are legal implications and this is not thought about by the non-engaged person(s). As non-business minded people, this adds to the point that they do not think before they act or offer services.
TRAVEL - How do we get to Disney? We travel by Coach and Eurotunnel, in certain circumstances we may travel by the Channel Ferry, Coach Trip takes approx 3.5 to 4 hours depending on traffic, we stop half way for a 20 min comfort break. You must travel on tyour allocated coach because you MUST travel on the he SAME coach as your luggage
VISA If you live outside of the EU you may require a visa to travel to England & France, Please remember France & England are different Countries and therefore you need to check with your consulate to see what paperwork you need to travel, this is your responsibility and IF you do not have the correct paperwork and cannot travel we cannot be responsible for your error.
WINNING A LIVE HEAT As a winner of a LIVE heat you *WIN* the while Disney trip as advertised on our website, the trip is only does not include the trip for a partner, guest, parent or chaperone trip is for the winner only and is not transferrable. A Minnie, Junior and Teen Winner MUST BE accompanied to Disneyland by one full paying adult this is NOT part of the award.Travel to the Registtation Hotel, Spending Money and the competition outfits are not included. A Heat winner(s) have 14 days to decline the title and return the Sash & Crown. Please note if you decline your place at the Grand final in Disneyland Paris there is no replacement or monitary compensation. If you do not go and should cancel after 14 days you will responsible for repaying back to Face of Europe & the World the deposit for the Disney Trip as advertised and invoiced accordingly. Minnie £125, Junior £150, Teen £175, Senior £200

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