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leila vanbelle


HOBBIES: Ice skating, dancing (ballet), languages, travels, ski/snowboard, theatre

ABOUT ME: My name is Leïla. I was born in Belgium 29 years ago. I lived in Brussels until 7 years ago when I decided to leave the country to study Hotel Management in a Swiss University in Spain.
I was extremely lucky to be a part of one of the most amazing Hotel Management school that allowed me to travel to Hong Kong, London but also Dubai. I have now been living in London for the past 4-5 years where I am working as a Recruitment Consultant. It is more than a job, it is a passion. I get the chance to deal with extraordinary hotels but even more important, I get to be in contact with people from all around the world. It is truly a privilege to speak to people from different countries and cultures, I simply adore getting to know people.

I have a several hobbies, I love sports and got the chance to learn quiet a few. My favorites ones remains ice skating, ballet and snowboarding. Of course traveling is a big part of my life. I've been moving to different countries every 6 months to a year since I've left my beautiful city; Brussels.
With all the travels, I got to learn different languages. I am proud to say that I speak English, French, Dutch and Spanish.

My Grand-Mother was crowed Miss Belgium back in 1953 therefore I decided to take part in beauty pageant and made everything I could for my Grand-Mother to be proud of me and share her passion. Therefore, I was very lucky to be a part of different famous beauty pageants in Belgium and was immediately amazed with the connection and friendship created during the several months spent with the other candidates. It has always been an extraordinary and most certainly memorable experience. It is like living a dream and feel that you can make a difference and make a change in people's life, having a purpose.

Leila FoBelgium

lucie cousin


HOBBIES: I like dancing, doing activities with my family and friends.
I am fascinated by history, and I'm going to the museum.

ABOUT ME: My name is Lucia, I'm 26 and I live near Valenciennes in Northern France.
I am a dynamic woman, smiling. I lead a very rhythmic life.
I work with pulmonologists. I'm going for 4 years at home sick. I bring them medical oxygen, machines for respiratory assistance and moral support. My grandparents lived through the war, and taught me the fundamental values such as tolerance and respect.
I spend my free time doing sport, go for a walk with my friends and my two little twin sisters.
I am also very involved in an association for the benefit of medical research: The Telethon. It is very important for me to help people in need. I have a passion for history, drawing and art. I visit museums and go to the movies sometimes.
I participe a few fashion shows and photo shoots voluntarily. I love being on scene, it allows me to wear nice clothes and forget the stress of everyday life for a moment. I'm lucky, I live across 3 Capitals and I sometimes visit belgium, england or paris.
People think of me as I am generous, attentive and sociable. I enjoy life because you never know what the future holds.

Runa MURASAKI FofJAPAN 2016:2017)

runa murasaki


HOBBIES: Traveling abroad, Doing marine sports, Collecting“Hello Kitty”goods.

ABOUT ME: I enjoy performing and acting in front of people, since I was a member of acting club at high school and university. I played and performed on many stages and I always tried to make my audience happy and moved.
I've been working as a wedding model which was always my dream. I'm glad to know that people are impressed by seeing me walking down the aisle with smile as a wedding model.
I always enjoy encountering people and exchanging ideas and opinions with other people no matter where they are from.

jayne teese


HOBBIES: My hobbies include travelling and exploring new places, Baking, and enjoying new experiences.

ABOUT ME: I'm 28 years old and live in Gibraltar with my little dog Rio, this is where I met and married the love of my life Robert, who I met while he was serving in the Royal Navy over 5 years ago. Since he has left his military service we have gone on to taking trips around the world, as we enjoy visiting, exploring and learning about new and different cultures. Recently I have taken part in the Mrs Gibraltar pageant two years running, where I was luckily enough to be crowned Mrs Friendship in 2015 and Mrs Interview in 2016. I have enjoyed the pageants that I have been apart of for the experience of, meeting new people, doing charity work, fashion shows, all of this while giving me new and exciting routines. I am currently working with two young children as a private nanny. I started this when the youngest was a year and a half and now he is preparing to start school. This has given me a lot of experience raising children as i hope to have my own some day. I have also been volunteering at the local wildlife park for 3 years working with a variety of animals. Growing up I was always a tomboy and would have never be caught in a dress, now I love all things girly and I have more dresses then I can fit in my wardrobe. I've always been described as a bubbly, fun loving, friendly person.

Jayne Teese FOGIB

Kelly seibold



ABOUT ME: I am 23 year old, was born and raised in Fairfax Virginia, moved down south to Richmond, Virginia where I graduated early with Cum Laude honors with a Bachelor's Degree in Early Education. Throughout my time in college I was an active member in my community. I volunteered at the local children's hospital, fundraised for local causes, worked at a canned food drive, danced in a marathon and walked dogs for a cause I have assisted in organizing hunger walks to bring awareness to lack of nutrition in over sea countries and candlelight vigils to honor those who have lost their lives to suicide. My ultimate goal is to achieve my Doctorate and have the opportunity to work as Administration, so that I can be in a position to inspire my students in reaching their full potential, both academically and in their community.

I enjoy experiencing the culture through the foods of other countries and have visited Panama, Japan, Spain, Germany, Italy, and France. I am very excited to be competing in an international pageant, it is one of my dreams.

Kelly USA



HOBBIES: I like to dance, sing, play volleyball, read books, play the piano and go to the kitchen to make desserts

ABOUT ME: My name is Khrystma and I am 15 years old. I’m from a small city called Porto Velho inside of Rondônia state on the middle of Amazonia’s heart. In my free time I like to do puzzles, go to the movies, read books, paint, compose poems, play volleyball, cooking, dance, sing and play the piano. My favorite book is “The book thief” wrote by Markus Zuzak and my favorite movie is “Alice in Wonderland” with Mia Kasikawska and Johnny Depp. I dream that one day I will travel abroad to Know the “Liberty Statue, The White house, The Egyptian Pyramids, Eiffel Tower, The Louvre Museum, The Cathedral of Notre Dame, The British Buckingham Palace and the London eye and many others places. I started modeling when I was one year and eight months and I continue doing it In My career I earned 19 beauty titles, including three international ones. Finally, I am really proud of having one wonderful opportunity to show o the world the Brazilian’s beauty.

sarie-anne ressa


HOBBIES: St. Johns ambulance- learning first aid, K&K school of models and Teaching kids first aid on my free time

ABOUT ME: My name is Sarie-anne Ressa, I’m 17 years old. I am currently studying for my GCSES at Westside School Gibraltar. I am a person that prefers studying more than going out because being a paramedic is what I want to fulfill in life. I am a very responsible and hardworking individual. Taking care of others has always been one of my strengths hence why I volunteer at the St. Johns Ambulance. I have been volunteering in St john’s ambulance from as little as 4. On my free time I tend to read a lot as its one of the things that I enjoy doing the most. I live with my Mum, Dad and one of my older sisters Jasmine and my sister boyfriend Cain. I also have two older sisters in their twenties and they no longer live at home, being able to represent Gibraltar in Face of Europe and the world has been my dream sine I heard about it from others that have entered before. I was really shocked when I saw the email saying that I had been chosen. I find face of Europe as a very big opportunity to raise money for headway east Kent and St john’s ambulance Gibraltar, I am currently fundraising money for headway east Kent by doing the med steps challenge with senior Face of Gibraltar Jayney.

Sarie-anne Ressa

Trudye Lutton


HOBBIES: Singing, quilting, photography, acting, make-up and fashion

ABOUT ME: As the youngest child, I was quite shy. At 16, I entered my first pageant. I just wanted to wear a pretty dress and model. I had no idea it would help me find my voice. I won my first pageant. I was able to participate in countless charity events raising over $800 for Autism research, and over $1500 for the March of Dimes, Children’s Miracle Network and the Susan G. Komen Foundation. I grew up volunteering, but I did it because it was fun. It is still fun, but with a title, it seems to make a greater impact. I just had to share the experience, so I encouraged my shy cousin to enter her first pageant. She shines on stage and she is now doing her own charity work. My sister is an Engineer in the US Coast Guard. She never thought of pageants as something worthwhile, but when she saw the impact I had in our community, she decided to participate! I think that is what I have found to be the greatest benefit of pageants, to encourage others to find their voice when they didn’t know how. It sounds cliché, but in participating, everyone really wins!

Trudye Lutton Teen Face of Easter USA

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leanne fowler

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