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Paula - Charity Director

Paula, is the facilitator for Headway East Kent were she is actively involved with the clients' day to day needs. I personally have never met a person with so much passion and belief in their job as Paula.

Paula wholeaheartidly wants to improve the quality of the lives of the clients she helps, but it does not stop there, Headway bring support and friendship to the families involved, it is a commitment that you just want to shout about, you cannot help but be moved and motivated by the work that Paula, Liz & Nina do at their day centre, I was. 4 years ago I was touched by their passion and I wanted to become actively involved and when FOE was formed the idea of the pageant helping became a reality, and now the knowledge that it is our contestants that have raised over 32,000.00 is unbelievable, but more importantly they have given their time and raised awareness for our chosen charities. This fills me with pride and joy, a feeling that I cannot put into words. Face of Europe contestants are just amazing, they have put their heart and soul into helping others - what more can I ask X

Paula, I am delighted to say has also taken FOE to her heart and wanted to give us something back, having been at several of our heats and two DIsney finals, Paula has most defiantly been caught by the Pageant Bug and has loved every minute of meeting the contestants and their familes. She was just amazed at how every contestant has taken the Charity element of this competition to a personal level and that they have exceed our wildest dreams with the amount of money that has been raised. The dream of Headway East Kent actually securing their future is now within reach. Paula as our Charity Director, will be on hand to encourage and assist with ideas for fund raising events.


Sasha - Pageant COach

Sasha is a qualified dancer and has recently returned after in total 36 months of travelling the Globe, dancing in India, Germany, Dubai, Belgium and Spain. In fact she has just turned down a contract in Hong Kong to stay and concentrate on Face of the World, Something we are very grateful for.

Sasha is ideally suited to be our Pageant Coach having had personal experience of not only in the world of entertainment, but as a dancer/model who has travelled. She has also had a very successful career in the Pageant industry competing at an International level for several years, having been awarded over 24 sashes. Her successes have included being a finalist in Miss England twice and reaching the last 10. Winning MIss Congeniality 9 times (this is something she is really proud of, as it is the girls themselves that vote for each other for this title). Sasha was also the 1st English girl ever to win the Miss European/Miss Euroregion title in Ypres Belgium in 2006, she also had the honor of being the Kent Millennium Queen in let me guess...year 2000! So Sasha knows & undersands first hand those last minute jitters behind on stage, when your knees start knock and your confidence starts to fade, she will be there to hold your hand and give you moral support and encouragement.

Sasha will be your choreographer and host at the finals in Disneyland Paris, so she will be on hand to help your day run as smoothly as possible, as she lives by the moto, "Follow your dreams", as nothing is impossible, but you have to at least try, or you will never know! and of course make sure you have fun more and more fun as you go as life is too short for regrets.

Sasha also lived in LA with the FACE OF THE USA helping with developing their competition

Cheryl & Pooh

cheryl Back Stage assistant

Jackie 006

Jacky - webmaster Adjudicator

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