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Is Headway UK the same as Headway East Kent? YES, all Headway offices are affliated, but Headway East Kent has it own separate indenity and have to raise their own funding for the 5 day centres across East Kent. It is only Headway East Kent that Face of Europe & the World are raising much needed funding for. In 2016/2017 FOEW only deal with the East Kent Branch and any questions need to be addressed to our Charity Director, Paula McCormack, who is also a faciliataor for Headway.

Q) WHY! Can we not raise for Headway National if we come from a different area, why can we not raise for our local branches?

A) RAISING FOR LOCAL CHARITIES - When you enter a local heat your pageant director will have already chosen a local charity close to their heart , who they wish their contestants to support and they will be beneficaries of your fundraising upto that heat along with Headway East Kent, therefore, on the run up to your local their heat, you are supporting your own community. However, once you become a finalist and are heading to the Disney Grand Final it is Face of Europe & the World personal choice of Headway East Kent that you will be raising awareness and much needed donations to help people who have sustained a head injury. FOEW choose their charity in the same way your pageant director chooses theirs. Because some local directors having met many of the clients of Headway East Kent and seen first hand how they are helpnig, they have gone on and decided they wanted to continue helping Headway East Kent, but this is again purely the director's choice, there is no requirement by us to do so. Our Contestants have raised money for Pilgrims Hospice, Dean Pupitt, Rainbow Child, Downs and Proud, Enterprise sports, and the Salivation Army also Local Hospitals in various areas to name but a few.

The Grand Final beneficary is the team's choice and we decide at the beginning of every year who we would like to proceed to go to for the following year. 2016 to 2018 we nominated the Charity HEADWAY EAST KENT, for various reasons, both personal and professional. One of the reasons is because the Grand Final is held in East Kent, and the Directors wanted to help the community that supports FOEW and have supported us from the begining and this is our way of saying thank you, plus we all work and live in the area and over the years we have formed huge inmoveable bonds with the clients who have become our 2nd family, not only us but to our contedtants and their parents, many of whom speak on a daily basis.

Q) Why have we continued to support Headway East Kent?
A) When we started out wanting to help Headway East Kent our goal was to try and provide them with new premises and of course this type of committment is not something that can be achieved overnight. We knew that this would take a few years but we are desperate to continue to see that dream become a relatity. Headway East Kent are in a very small hall with and intergatedl Kitchen, WC & Office, no quite room, No sensory room, no separate Kitchen or anywhere separtate to eat, no exercise area or even physiotherpy or therapy room, therefore, the facilites they have are far below what is epected from a day centre and the waiting list for even this is huge. We wanted to help facilitate those people in need of daily assistance, so that more people can benefit from the care and support given by Headway. It soon becomes very clear when meeting the Clients that being able to attend the day centre becomes a lifeline for many of them, these are people that have not only suffered a head injury but in many cases loose their home, their family and their will to continue. Headway gives them the support and rehabilitation, they help the clients to realise that life can go on and improve with a little `tlc', therpy and support. My own story is, I had a nasty car accident several years ago, where I sustained a frontal lobe injury, which effects my memory and speech (I get words very muddled and they do not come out quite as they should) so I know first hand how easy it is to suffer from an "invisable head injury", but I am one of the lucky ones, my injury is very minor compared to the people we help. The speed of the accident and now knowing what could have happened does bring it home to you how quick your life can change and what impact it has on your family and friends but more importantly it can and does happen to anyone at any age and god forebid that you or someone you love ever have to need to use such a facility.

Q) DO I have to raise money for Headway East Kent?
A) NO - it is not manditory to raise anything, but when you entered our pageant you would have known our goal and our status as a charity pageant and you would have known how and why we operate before taking up your title. If you did not want to participate in a charity pageant this would have been something you would have considered before entering. We do ask you to participate in our charity efforts because our aim as a charity pageant is to promote the ethos of helping others less fortunate than ourselves, of course we encourage your efforts and we do award a charity title and points to the finalist that do well in their charity endeavours.


Headway East Kent - Is OUR FOUNDING CHARITY and is a division of Headway brain injury association.
Headway East Kent is a registered charity (no 1103215).
Please take a moment to visit their website here;

We are here to help
Headway East Kent is a charity set up to give help and support to people affected by brain injury. It does this in a number of ways:

A network of local Groups and Branches throughout the UK and Channel Islands offers a wide range of services, including rehabilitation programmes, carer support, social re-integration, community outreach and respite care. The services available will vary, depending on local needs and resources.

Headway UK provides support to the local Groups and Branches and helps to deliver high quality services through guidance on policies, procedures, standards and training. Additionally:

The Headway Helpline provides information, advises on sources of support, finds local rehabilitation services and offers a listening ear to those experiencing problems.

  • We publish a range of booklets containing information about aspects of brain injury that will be helpful to those directly affected, plus professionals, employers and members of the public
  • We promote understanding of brain injury and its effects
  • We lobby for better support and resources to be made available by statutory health and social care providers
  • We campaign for measures that will reduce the number of brain injuries.

Headway's Mission is:

To promote understanding of all aspects of brain injury and to provide information, support and services to people with a brain injury, their families and carers.

Our Objectives are:
To increase awareness of brain injury and its consequences

-To initiate activities and campaigns which will reduce the incidence of brain injury

-To provide information and support for people with brain injuries, their relatives and carers and concerned professional people

-To promote improved approaches to brain injury screening, acute care, assessment, rehabilitation and social re-integration

-To assist people with brain injuries to return to community living, including access to appropriate accommodation, social outlets, and productive activity

-To support and help to establish Headway groups throughout the UK in furtherance of the charity's mission statement

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